Carpet Cleaning In Sheffield fixed prices

Mr Bit Carpet Cleaning offer fixed prices for all carpet cleaning in Sheffield and surrounding areas. See our price guide below for our current carpet cleaning rates.

Why us? We offer fixed prices so you know exactly what you’re going to pay before you pick up the phone.

Mr Bit says…

“We use the latest high powered professional machinery and the latest cleaning products that are both safe to use and produce excellent cleaning results. We pride ourselves on our results and the high number of repeat customers we have and recommendations that are given for our services.”

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet Cleaning by Room Current Prices
Through Lounge £60.00
Lounge Carpet Cleaning £50.00
Stairs/hall carpet £45.00
Double Bedroom £35.00
Single Bedroom £25.00
*The above prices for carpet cleaning are a general guide. We offer further discounts when booking more then two rooms at a time or whole properties. Please feel free to contact us for a free no obligation quotation…

Carpet Cleaning: Why It’s Best Left to the Professionals

With so many carpet cleaning products now easily available from supermarkets and DIY stores, more and more of us are attempting to clean parts of our homes that were previously left to the professionals, particularly carpets. Carpet cleaning is one of the most important tasks we can add to our cleaning schedule to maintain a hygienic home, but are we really doing that good a job?

The main issue with carpets is that the fibres gather dust, allergens, and bacteria, holding tightly onto them and making it very difficult for them to become loose. Carpets are such a hotspot for germs that you’ll often see that entrances to hospital wards are carpeted, to catch bacteria and reduce the spread to other areas. For the sake of our health, clean carpets are essential.

The main method of carpet cleaning used in domestic settings is vacuuming, and while this is beneficial, dust, allergens, and fungi can only be reduced by around 90 percent, leaving around 10 percent of bacteria embedded deeply within the fibres. Another popular method is store bought or homemade carpet cleaners, but these are not recommended. Each type of carpet reacts differently to different solutions, and fragile fabrics especially may become discoloured or damaged through the use of these chemically-laden products.

While it’s very important to vacuum on a regular basis, it’s highly recommended that this is supplemented with professional carpet cleaning services from companies that have the expertise, experience, and technology to clean everything from loop pile to Persian rugs without ruining the material. Carpet cleaners in Sheffield, for example, use industrial grade machinery that’s effective, offers quick drying to minimise inconvenience, and retains the feel and integrity of the material.