ECO carpet cleaning Sheffield

Keeping your home healthy:

Cleaning your carpets doesn’t just make them look and smell better. It helps to keep your home healthy too.
Research shows that with well cared for carpets, your home will have 10 times less airborne dust and allergens than homes with hard flooring. If you have allergies to dust mites or pet dander this is great news.

So, what do they do? The soft and fuzzy fibres of your carpet trap fallen dust particles, including allergens, which regular vacuuming then cleans away. So they work just like a dust mask, filtering the air you breathe.

But, with time, the dust and allergens in the air will increase because your carpets become clogged-up with dirt and grime. Our professional clean reaches deep into the carpet to clear stubborn dirt, grime, pet dander, dust mites and allergens, so it can filter the air again.

Commit to regular, professional cleaning to keep allergen levels low in your home and safe guard the health of your family.

ECO carpet cleaning Sheffield

ECO carpet cleaning Sheffield

Using ECO carpet cleaning products we achieve the best possible results on your carpets. Our carpet cleaning process is meticulous. We don’t cut corners and all our customers get our full comprehensive service – whether it be just a single, small area of carpet you need cleaned, or a large fully furnished home.


Need stain guarding?

 If you wanted the benefit of our stain guard protection, the cost would be £35.00 per room. A good way to describe this is the beading effect that you get when you have your car waxed or polished. After protection is applied, this is the effect that will happen if spillages occur on the carpet. This gives more time to rush to the kitchen, get some kitchen roll and blot the offending liquid up. We recommend this service as it protects the carpet in so many ways. For more information please call us now.