Carpet washing Sheffield S36 S35 S6

Carpet washing Sheffield S36 S35 S6

Carpet washing Sheffield S36 S35 S6 fixed prices

Major carpet manufactures recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months to maintain the appearance and quality of your carpet. All carpets are an investment and with the correct cleaning you will increase the life of your carpet.

Mr Bit Cleaning Services are fully insured and fully qualified to deal with all cleaning jobs, big or small. Whether its a one off clean or a regular contract we are the carpet cleaners for the job. Please contact us for a free quote or to discuss your requirement, we are always happy to help.
At Mr Bit we give 100%, we take our time giving attention to detail. Providing a quality service giving great results. We do not do half a job that takes half an hour we do a quality job that takes as long as it takes at a quality price.

Need stain guarding?

 If you wanted the benefit of our stain guard protection, the cost would be £35.00 per room. A good way to describe this is the beading effect that you get when you have your car waxed or polished. After protection is applied, this is the effect that will happen if spillages occur on the carpet. This gives more time to rush to the kitchen, get some kitchen roll and blot the offending liquid up. We recommend this service as it protects the carpet in so many ways. For more information please call us now.

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