December 2014 - | Mr Bit

Oven cleaning tips

Remove Shelves. If your oven has removable shelves, take them out before you start. These shelves can easily just be soaked in a basin filled with warm water and dishwashing soap, rinsed, and wiped dry. Remove Food Residue. Scraping off excess food residue will mean your oven cleaning products are more effective. […]

Mould cleaning tips

How to Clean Mould on Walls in 3 Steps A word of caution: mould can cause allergic reactions and poor health, so if you have an extensive problem with mould on walls, it may be best to seek expert help. If tackling a smaller area, make sure you wear protective […]

Apartment Block Window Cleaning

Mr Bit clean the windows on many Apartment blocks throughout South Yorkshire. The services we provide can include any of the following: Communal windows inside and out Communal windows outside only All windows outside only General cleaning of communal areas Gutter Cleaning Light Bulb Changing Litter and Debris Removal We […]